中老“和平列车-2022”全流程联合演练有序展开。曾理 摄
The China-Laos “Peace Train-2022”joint humanitarian medical rescue exercise launches all-process joint drills in an orderly manner. (Photo by Zeng Li)


By Zuo Shengnan and Zeng Li

北京7月25日电 7月22日,中老“和平列车-2022”人道主义医学救援联合演习暨医疗服务活动,在老挝万象省蓬洪火车站展开全流程联合演练。

BEIJING, July 25 -- The China-Laos “Peace Train-2022” joint humanitarian medical rescue exercise entered the phase of all-process drills at the Penghong Railway Station in Vientiane Province of Laos on July 22.


The theme of the “Peace Train-2022” joint exercise is "Humanitarian Medical Rescue in Typhoon Disaster”. The all-process joint drills were carried out against the scenario in which 18 people injured in the typhoon disaster were evacuated from a Lao level-II hospital to the Chinese military medical train.


After receiving preliminary injury examination by the “Peace Train” medical team members, the 18 wounded were settled in different carriages and bunks of the medical train according to their conditions. The reception team, severe case treatment team, and surgery team served to carry out consequent examinations, determine treatment plan, organize joint consultation, perform emergency operation, and ensure uninterrupted treatment and monitoring of the wounded.


“This exercise highlights joint command and rescue. Through the two days of individual subjects training and the all-process drills, the medical teams from both sides improved their capability of accomplishing various tasks in cooperation,” said Zhang Yufeng, member of the guidance and coordination team from the Chinese side in the joint exercise.


The Chinese military dispatched a 149-member medical team and a medical train to participate in the “Peace Train-2022” joint exercise, and the Lao military sent for the exercise a total of 270 personnel, including 100 medical staff.